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Watch: Gardening Tips for Beginners

Tips: Annuals and Perennials

Ahmed explains annuals and perennials and tells how to garden with both.

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How to Plan and Design a Garden Jan 15, 2021

Design a garden that will inspire you for years to come. Learn how to make a garden that works for you.

How to Grow Lamb's Ears, Nature's Most Touchable Plant Jan 15, 2021

By: Dee Nash

Learn how to grow and use lamb's ears — great for a children's garden or a sensory garden.

How to Plan a Vegetable Garden Jan 13, 2021

HGTV can make vegetable garden planning less intimidating with tips on garden design and suggestions on how to choose vegetables t …

How to Grow Rice Jan 13, 2021

Learn how to cultivate a worldwide staple and ornamental plant with these easy-to-follow instructions.

How to Cut an Aloe Plant Jan 6, 2021

Find out how to make aloe vera gel. Here's what you need to know to harvest aloe vera leaves for the healing aloe vera gel they co …

How to Grow and Care for Air Plants Dec 16, 2020

These quirky plants don’t need soil, but they can’t live on air alone. Here’s what you need to know to keep them healthy.

Get Your Patio and Deck Prepped for the Cold Using These Smart Walmart Products Dec 3, 2020


Ready your patio, deck, walkways and more for winter weather with our expert tips and essential product picks from Walmart.

Ideas for Outdoor Christmas Container Gardens Nov 30, 2020

Deck your container gardens with evergreen boughs and ornaments that hold their own well into the New Year.

How to Winterize Your Outdoor Space This Year With Help From Walmart Nov 18, 2020


Prep your garden, home exterior and more for winter weather with these must-buys from Walmart.

Growing Bromeliads: How to Care for Bromeliads Nov 17, 2020

These exotic tropical plants are easy to grow if you give them what they need, and they make baby plants you can share with your g …

6 Ways to Prevent Animals From Eating Flowering Bulbs Nov 10, 2020

We’ve got some tips and tricks to keep pesky critters from digging up hardy bulbs like tulips, crocuses and hyacinths.

How to Plant and Grow a Persimmon Tree Nov 10, 2020

Experts share why persimmon trees are good to grow and offer tips on persimmon types and how to care for them.

Poinsettia Care Through Winter (and Beyond) Dec 7, 2020

This iconic holiday plant has tropical roots. Get tips on keeping your poinsettia looking its best all year.

How to Care for Monstera, the Swiss Cheese Plant Oct 27, 2020

Caring for the Monstera tropical houseplant,?nicknamed "Swiss cheese plant," is not as scary as it sounds.

This Hydroponic Garden System Solves Your Small-Space Problems With Great Design Oct 21, 2020

Want to grow your own veggies and herbs but are short on space, sunlight or patience — or all three? The Farmstand from Lettuce Gr …

Growing Japanese Maples: A Guide to Planting and Care Oct 23, 2020

Delicate beauty and vibrant colors make the Japanese maple a coveted choice for landscaping or for containers.

10 Greenhouses You Can Buy Online That Will Keep Your Garden Thriving Through Winter Oct 16, 2020

Keep your green thumb occupied and protect your plants from cold-weather elements with these greenhouse finds.

Growing Virginia Creeper Vine Oct 15, 2020

Looking for a vine with stunning fall color? Virginia creeper delivers. Learn how to grow this low-maintenance perennial vine.

How to Lay a Brick Pathway Oct 14, 2020

This weekend, elevate your home’s exterior by installing an elegant brick paver walkway in your landscaping.

6 Outdoor Heaters for Every Space Oct 14, 2020

Extend the seasons with our favorite outdoor heaters for your deck, patio, porch and more.

How to Care for Your African Violet Oct 14, 2020

African violets have been among the world's most popular houseplants for more than a century. Here's how to take care of these exo …

The Best Leaf Blowers for Every Budget Nov 2, 2020

Keep your yard and walkways clean and clear with these top-rated tools.

Autumn-Approved Decorating Ideas for Front Porches Dec 17, 2020

Fall in love with fall all over again with these perfect porch decor ideas.

How to Take Care of a Fern Indoors Oct 5, 2020

Learn simple techniques for taking care of indoor ferns.

Why You Should (and Shouldn't) Apply Fall Mulch Oct 5, 2020

Find out the pros and cons of laying down mulch this fall.

How to Fertilize Your Lawn in Fall Oct 19, 2020

Should you add lawn fertilizing to your fall to-do list? It depends. Learn what you need to know about fall lawn feeding.

Houseplants That Make Your Home Feel Like a Tropical Paradise Sep 29, 2020

Tropical houseplants and select design details can bring the island vacation vibe into your home.

How to Build a Pollinator House for Your Garden Sep 28, 2020

Boost your garden's ecosystem and keep bees and other pollinators coming back for more by following these easy steps to create you …

Why Are There So Many Stink Bugs in My House? Sep 28, 2020

Brush up on stink bug basics and say so long to these indoor invaders with these quick, natural ways to keep stink bugs at bay.

Our Favorite Pots and Planters for Every Budget Sep 28, 2020

Perk up your patio and indoor space no matter your budget with these stylish planters and pots.

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